Aware Overview

'Aware Learning’s single most important objective is to be an ENABLER in Real TRANSFORMATION of your HUMAN CAPITAL - by creating increasing Self-Awareness and Understanding of one’s true potential and to enable individuals and organizations to achieve and exceed their potential.    

'Aware Learning' exists but for one reason - our purpose simply stated is to support Individual, Teams and Organisations in achieving their Highest Potential! By providing “Simple Use-able LEARNING” and creating the needed energies for them to 'Implement and Achieve' their highest Potential!

 We live this philosophy “Real Solutions | Visible Results” by ensuring all our Learning Delivery Sessions and Coaching Delivery have pre-determined objectives leading to Real Growth.

​At Aware Learning the focus remains in engaging participants in an interesting process of self realization… and discovering their true and hidden potential. We believe all Learning will succeed if and only if the individual REALIZES the need and visualizes the changes that it will make to his/her life.

Our Core Beliefs

At Aware learning we operate from key believes that each individual is infinite and has a purpose to Learn & GROW. Our experience of HUMAN DYNAMICS through various sister organisation has given us the blessing to not just change your Human capital but also lead them to a self enablement path with Awareness, thus ensuring your organisations growth.


Our Core objectives

To enable fellow individuals to truly fall in Love with what they do.

Increase the Happiness Quotient of your Human capital.





Aware Core Purpose

“To create Visible, Measurable & Sustainable positive Transformations in individuals & organisations to ENABLE them to reach their True Potential” 

Aware Core Values

"Our Values that Guide us to LIVE our PURPOSE!

  •  To be A Perpetual Learner
  • REAL & VISIBLE Approach
  • To be a GIVER
  • Embracing RISKS

Empowering Partnership for the Greatest Good of All

ASK Human Upliftment Foundation & AWARE Living & Learning a partnership of selfless Giving and committed Contribution in catalyzing and enhancing the Human Self Awareness quotient.

At Aware we have Pledged 50% of all our Profits to the NGO - ASK Foundation. We also work as volunteers in the causes supported by ASK Foundation. The founding members of ASK are on our Content Group to help spread the Happiness and well being Quotient of each and every Human Being..  

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