In our day to day life, we face quite a number of challenges in our personal life, work place & social circle. We often find solutions to these challenges and sometimes we don’t have one! In this process our mind & body undergoes undue stress which results in mental and physical illness.

For example, when a person faces work deadline, he might end up working long hours without proper food & rest. The pressure of reaching the deadline may cause stress to his mind. What we fail to understand is this stress to the mind has its impact on the body as well. When the body & mind undergo such a stress, they become vulnerable to diseases. Because, our Mind & Body is a single unit and when one becomes weak, the other gets easily affected.

Is it possible ‘Not to let the stress affect our Mind & Body’

Is it possible ‘Operate with clarity of thoughts’

Is it possible to ‘Have a healthy body even under stressful situations’

Is it possible ‘To bring a Union of a Healthy body and an Aware Mind’

Aware Yoga brings this Synergy of Mind & Body through traditional Yogasanas that makes a person physically fit & healthy. Yoga activates various endocrine glands & systems in our body which in turn makes the body strong and disease free.

A sound body helps the mind to take a pause and look deep within self, which is - An opportunity to declutter the mind through meditation & pranayam, A platform for the mind to seek awareness.

The question is.....

What to think?

How to think?

What right questions should be asked to self to get clarity?.....

Aware Yoga answers these questions through powerful learning which enables a person to understand himself, his emotions, behaviours, thoughts - to take charge of his/her Life.

Take charge of your Mind & Body and experience the true Well-being and infinite growth through Aware Yoga.

About Aware Yoga

Aware Yoga is an initiative by Aware Learning Solutions, to create the wholesome well-being of Mind & Body in the current circumstances. Our vast experience of working as a L&D partner with many corporate, has helped us understand the mental and physical stress that people go through and how they are inter linked. Treating only one entity may not solve the challenge – either the mind or body. Rather, both the challenges need to be addressed.


The Synergy of MIND BODY and ENERGY can be achieved through the Syncronisation of our thought process with all our Physical and Energy components... focusing on singular aspects will lead to well being becoming a distant possibility.
Krishiv AnantaGuru
Mentor | Teacher | Guru


This thought lead us create Aware Yoga, a well-being organisation to create a focussed approach to Enable the mind and Heal the body.

Get in touch with us to understand how Aware Yoga can help every team member of your organisation experience deep well-being and deliver higher productivity.

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