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How do you get your high potential executives to give their best shot, that too consistently?

The Science of Performance is not as complex as we have collectively made it. Over the time, Coaching has proven its metal, so much so that, today the global average of estimated ROIs from any given Executive Coaching Intervention stands tall at 570%+ 

“Coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization's most critical talent” 

- David B. Peterson | Sr. VP | Leads PDI’s Executive Coaching Practice.

However, due to high amount of subjectivity on both the sides, and due to widespread & severe lack of Awareness about the Core of Human Dynamics, there have also been a huge addition to the complexity in understanding the entire process and its outcomes. Today we have thousands of Terms, Jargons, Equations, Principles, Tools, Techniques, Methodologies, Theories, Books and what not, associated with Executive Coaching and the Science of Performance. However, it has further led to increased confusion and scepticism in all the stakeholders, and have kept many individuals and organizations away from reaping the real benefits of Coaching.

Performing at one’s true potential need not be an exhaustive and complex affair. To ensure pro-active and consistently growing participation from the Coachee throughout the intervention period, complete involvement of Coachee in this transformation process is inevitable. For this very reason, ‘Simplicity of Understanding’ and ‘Ease of Use’ are at the core of our Coaching Methodology.

Moreover, these fancy looking ‘ready to use’ tools, with a hypnotizing ‘Larger than Life’ images of Coaches, with the glamorous tags of ‘Tested &  Proven’ methodologies, though often may fetch surprisingly good results in a short run, it certainly creates dependency and follower-ship in the Coachee in a longer run.

Since ‘Enablement’ is an integral part of our Purpose, it comes embedded in every Learning Methodology of ours, ensuring the Learners learn how to learn and lead, and not to simply imitate and follow.

At Aware Learning Solutions, Coaching is all about the Coachee, and not about the Coach. The idea is to enable the Coachee to gradually evolve to his or her own innate performance potential, where he or she need not become someone or something else, but his or her true self, the more real self, thus the more confident self, making one a Self-actualized, High Performing, Future Enabled Leader

Key Benefits of Performance Coaching with Aware Learning Solutions
Coachee Centric Approach, ensuring complete involvement and proactive participation throughout the Intervention
Self-Realization Based Learning Methodology, making best use of Coachee’s unique life experiences and aspirations, nullifying all possibilities of any external impositions or influences


Higher Performance resulting from a deeper sense of belonging to the organization, its people and its vision, ensuring Coachees stronger commitment to the Organization


Learn only that which can be used, rest is ‘useless


Logical and Pragmatic approach to on-ground real time implementation


Not just assured, but perpetually growing ROIs

“There’s no question that future leaders will need constant Coaching. As the business environment becomes more complex, they will increasingly turn to Coaches for help in understanding how to act. Especially the big developing economies—Brazil, China, India, and Russia—are going to have a tremendous appetite for Coaching, because management there is very youthful and wanting to grow faster…”

Ram Charan | Renowned Business Advisor, Author & Speaker


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