'Aware Living & Learning' Open Workshops and Programs are a series of High Impact Learning Modules designed to enable the learner to instantly Understand and easily implement the core learning. Each Learning Module is designed with our Deep Rooted Expertise in Human Enablement ensuring the desired outcome from each of the Modules is not only met but exceeded. The delivery method is designed to support adult learning and is experiential & fun for the participants. 

If you are an Individual or Your Organisation would be interested to nominate select human resources, Aware Open Workshops & Programs has Enablement Programs on multiple areas like Self Development, Skill Development and Leadership Development. We also have a series of workshops that are aimed at Enhancing the Self Awareness Quotient. We have listed below some of our open enablement workshops for you to browse through or you can send in your areas you are looking to Enable Yourself by clicking the button below!

Aware Empowered Programs 

Happiness is the one core emotion for successful Entrepreneurs, Teams & Stakeholders. Since today the individuals are more aware the age old method of carrot & Sticks is of no use anymore. Now the numbers are achieved by people who feel truly happy within as this the core emotion associated with higher Effectiveness & hence a better productivity.

Happy employees excel at time sensitization, make better decisions and hold other essential leadership skills. Happy employees are likely to be associated longer with the company. Companies can therefore save money on training and recruiting new employees who are otherwise recruited to replace the unhappy leavers.

Key Highlights:

  • Being the master of final version of LEADERSHIP.
  • Understanding what happiness truly is.
  • Creating Happiness Indicators and using to increase the HAPPINESS QUOTIENT of TEAM, STAKEHOLDERS, CUSTOMER’S & SELF.
  • Shifting the Teams attitude of seeing the HAPPINESS outside of work to being happy working.
  • Operating out of clarity & Understanding.
  • Learning to Lead People to HAPPINESS-Being a Happiness Catalyst.

Who Should Attend : - Leaders, CXO’s, Managers

W.O.L is a first time leaders Enablement Learning Initiative. It focuses on creating the leaders who Lead their teams to growth & Success by simply being oriented towards the well being of their TEAMS. As a matter of fact a person who becomes the LEADER for the first time does face challenges in Understanding & Handling a team, so if your first time leaders are oriented towards the well being of the team they will make Performance driven team. 


What are the benefits?

Leaders who have mastered HUMAN DYNAMICS.

Leaders who are performance coaches.

Leaders who will be able to get their TEAM to Growth & Achievements.

Leaders who will create a strong team bonding.

Leaders who ensures the Team HAPPINESS INDEX is Highest and thus forming a team of HAPPY MINDS = PRODUCTIVE MINDS.


 Key Learning’s

LEARN to UNDERSTAND the individuals in a TEAM to bring the best out of them.

LEARNING to be a HAPPINESS Catalyst.

Learn to create a sense of ownership & responsibility in a team.

LEARN to create the synergy in team members by understanding the concept of ONENESS.

LEARN to pre-empt the CONFLICT and resolving it to form a team oriented to performance and growth.

Aware Spirit of Intrapreneurship @ Work is a learning workshop which enables your work force to be in-charge of their actions by being in Responsibility & ownership state of MIND.  


What are the Benefits

  • Create a Sense of ownership & responsibility. 
  • Eradicate Passing the buck attitude.
  • Develop creative thinking to address challenges 
  • Internal Strengthening achieved by enhanced Self-Belief
  • Attitude shift from working for money to working for the organisation 
  • Operating out of Infiniteness 


What are the Key Learning

  • Understanding why work matters
  • How to Live the spirit of an ENTREPRENEUR at work
  • What Motivates an Individual Truly to work.
  • Focusing on completing my work Vs Being owners of the Objectives
  • Embedding Growth, Success & Happiness in individuals.

Strategic thinking made more real and visible by combining objective oriented with analysis & understanding of the different perspective. To choose the one that leads you to positive results. Aware Learning presents                                  



  • Eliminate the JUNK |  learn to BREAK Patterns. 
  • Paving the way to thinking strategically 
  • In-fi-ni8 Thought Model
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Being objective and creative together.  


What Will You Gain 

  • A tool for problem solving, Decision Making, Thinking out of the box, Using resources Effectively, Dealing calmly in inevitable change.  

Who Should Attend ?

Decision makers from Marketing, SALES, Project Management, PEOPLE MANAGERS, product managers, CLIENT MANAGERS.

An Organisations Strength would be Effective Communication which brings a synergy & Syncronisation, But how can we bring the needed Synergy & Synchronisation by merely learning what is Verbal, Non-Verbal communication, Assertiveness etc. These are the practices which worked in the past. Beyond Words is a Modern Day  Learning workshop which focuses on challenges such as Misunderstanding the other team members Intentions, Use of Sarcasm to show Anger, Unwanted reactions to situation and people creating difference.


They Will Communicate, Express & UNDERSTAND Effectively creating a   deeper sense of belonging to the team member and the organisation.

After an in-depth analysis of why work life balance has become a major challenge in almost 70% of working professionals, we found out that the core reason for lack of it was not any among the perceived ones i.e  Dislike for work, Challeneges in personal life. Challenges in the team or with the boss or Adapting to CHANGE etc.

But it was more deeper than all these superficial factors and that was ‘the Individuals perceptions’ of seeing the Personal LIFE & WORK Differently and not considering Work as part of their life


What are the benefits

Achieving Meaningfulness at work & in relationships.

Eliminating stress & worries

Higher Effectiveness and hence better productivity

Less chaotic mind more space for innovative thinking.

Harmony & Peace of MIND.


What are the KEY LEARNINGS?

Eliminating the MYTH – WORK & LIFE are different

Working for MONEY Vs. Working for meaningfulness

Understanding SELF and the EMOTIONS that make you feel down.

Understanding PEOPLE to eliminate CONFLICTS

How to sensitize time to get more efficient.

Tools to d-clutter your MIND by removing the CHAOS.

Aware Learning has a pretty deep Understanding of HOW STRESS effects an Individuals MIND & BODY. We have the ways to eliminate the Stress from the MIND by Understanding the CORE of stress and using the Impactful tools in stressfull situation to Eliminate the possibilities of getting affected from it.  Similarly its just not the MIND which is effected because of stress but also your body recognises the stress symbols & accumulates it in the form of different health ailments over a period of time “ AWARE YOGA” is the creation to heal the effects of stress on your BODY.   Almost 59% of working professionals are affected by high levels of stress & by 2020 every 4th Indian would be on anti-depressant if not taken charge of STRESS.

What Will You Gain?

STRESS FREE Happy Life Experience


Freedom from health ailments caused due to stress.

PEACE of MIND that enable you to use your energies in productive area.

A balanced Work & Life

There could be many known factors which cause Conflicts, but if we analyse closely there is one common factor in all kind of CONFLICTS. which we believe is the only factor if worked upon CONFLICTS can be pre-empted and RESOLVED more EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY. 


What are the benefits

  • Create Growth, Goal & Objective Oriented Teams 
  • Teams that are driven to work with Organisations VISION
  • Enabling Teams to work with a sense of RESPONSIBILITY & OWNERSHIP
  • Harmony in teams will increase the individuals productivity, better results, more innovations and HAPPY MINDS at work

What Are the Key Learning

  • Working in team a challenge or an opportunity?
  • Relationship Excellence
  • Understanding Individual Maturity & personality types
  • Understanding the Emotions @ WORK.

For far too long it has been understood that effective and efficient use of Time is attained by managing it?Think about it.. Is time really about scheduling, prioritising, organising etc? Is it not? We have all been part of mistreating time as a Skill challenge.. Right? Whereas the usage of time is a psychological outcome.. Yes time and its treatment by an Individual is far more dependent on his understanding of time and the conditioning around it! We enable your resources to sensitize themselves to TIME.

What will Your Team Gain

No More Extension of time to finish tasks

Team that is oriented towards accomplishing critical task on priority.

Making Time Your partner in your GROWTH.

While presenting a business deal, innovative ideas or a strategy, of course one would need good content but is that all needed? We believe connecting well with the audience is a critical Skill to be an IMPACTFUL Presenter,  for example one may have a brilliant strategy to deal with the changing market trends but may not know how to present it well and the result would be failing at adapting the change.

Aware learning helps a learner.

To Be confident in front of audience.

To Create an Understanding of the AUDIENCE and create meaningful presentation for them.

At Aware Learning our one of the objectives is to effectively Increase the happiness quotient in each and every human being. With our Teachers Wisdom about Human HAPPINESS, we believe the below mentioned areas are a stumbling blocks for efforts to increase HUMAN HAPPINESS QUOTIENT.

Confusion about what is HAPPINESS.

Limited Knowledge about the SELF

perception that HAPPINESS is a REWARD

Mis-interpreting Self Emotional State

UNDUE importance to MONEY due to conditioning.


Planning & Organising is not a challenge of SKILL set as when an Individual has a clarity of what actions are critical automatically they align themselves and become effective at Planning & Organising. We as your Learning Partner will create that clarity of thoughts in your Resources to align themselves to the priorities, through various hard hitting realisations and enabling them to THINK Strategically.

Learning Empowered By 'AWARE' 

S.O.U.L | Self-Aware Ownership and Understanding based Learning

At aware learning we have realised over decades of nurturing and enabling human minds, that the process of learning anything becomes easy when, a person takes a path to self-awareness as that is how one gets into a cycle of self-realisation and becomes proactive to GROW. This in terms makes the individual owners of anything that they do. We also belive that Knowing something is way different from UNDERSTANDING and thus empower your HUMAN RESOURCES to operate out of UNDERSTANDING. 

Aware V-Power Based Learning

Using the power of VISION & ALIGNMENT to ensure better learning...better implementation and supports the individual to reach their true potential. When ever we focus on the bigger picture we are now more absorbent to learn and not so uncomfortable with the situation or the demands of the situation.


Learning empowered by Aware Circle of realisation 

Realisation as a process has the power to create the needed WILL and act upon the desired areas to become GROWTH ORIENTED and eliminate the poor attitude of seeing work as TASKS to somehow complete!

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