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In this rapidly changing world and accordingly changing lifestyles of people, education is also changing at a pace like never before. The kind of experiments we are seeing today with education system, were not even a future consideration just 2 decades ago. With a bright intention to develop our next generation in alignment with the new world, we have invented so many new ways and innovated a few old ones too. However, in this haste we have somewhere lost the sight of the real purpose of education, which was ever since to enable a life to lead a self-aware life with deep sense of well-being and oneness in this world, ultimately and consequently leading to a better quality of life for one and all.

With the outburst of Information Technology in recent past, we have drastically enriched and refined our understanding of our outside world, which is definitely essential for a better standard of living for oneself and also for one to be of some use to this world, as that’s what will decide one’s success in life. But when it comes to understanding our inside world, we have lacked priority and focus, or say we’ve simply lacked the realization.

We have, to a great extent, secured their success in future, but obviously we all want them to be happy as well when they are successful one day, don’t we want this? Or say, we want them to be happy at the end of the day, and that’s the reason we are toiling for their dreams to come true. To insure our common vision of a better future for one and all, we have to enable our younger generation to make the best possible use of their education, their time, their mind, body and emotions.

The best part is, younger the human being, higher is the learn-ability and enthusiasm to transform self.

To co-create a future of our vision, we at Aware Learning have created solutions for every valuable stakeholder of this vision. We, as parents, as teachers, as mentors, as guides, have to upgrade our understanding of how exactly a human life functions. Without this awareness about life, about self, neither can we imagine a better quality life for ourselves, nor can we do any justice to the role that we have assumed of raising a high potential human possibility in to a full-fledged human being, leading a self-aware life, with deep sense of wellbeing and oneness.

It’s a joint responsibility and we all have to learn and upgrade our abilities in the roles that we have chosen for ourselves, and let our true potential surface and be instrumental in changing the fate of this world.

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