Master of Self-Awareness | Master Coach Certification Program

We, the World as whole, have invested so much of time and energy in learning and understanding everything that’s around us, just to make good use of what we have. However, when it comes to making the best out of ‘Life’ that we have, we are still struggling. The most obvious is usually the least understood.

Though we may choose to believe that we know, but do we really understand our inside world, as good as we claim to know the outside world?

Today we know so much about so many things. Not only things and situations, but also people in our lives, we think we know so much about them, that almost for everyone that we know, we have an opinion about! We are so good at grasping from our experiences, process it with our understanding and come to a viable conclusion about things, people and situations. However, how much are we really aware of who we are? Why we do what we do? What is it that we really want from life? What exactly is life all about? There are times when we come across these ‘Dead-End’ questions, and what do we do usually..? Simply ignore...

More than ever, more and more of us are posing these questions on our social norms, our ideologies, our philosophies of life, of love, of work, of success, of almost everything. It’s high time for all of us, to plunge in and get the clarity that we need to lead this life to the fullest.

Master Awareness Coach, is not a profession, neither a person, and nor a title, it’s an institution by itself. It is an institution that willingly and ably bears the responsibility to lead this world to a greater possibility in every possible way, to enable the fellow human beings to evolve and to lead a self-aware life, with deep sense of well-being and oneness.

Though each one of is naturally capable of being one, not each one of us is equally ready to be one. Hence, this exclusive program is reserved for those who are ready for it, on an invitation basis. We would love to connect and explore more if you think you are all set for the highest leap of your life. There is nothing more exciting for us to find someone who holds the possibility of being a Master Awareness Coach.

Do let us know more about you and your quest for awareness, and if we find synergy, you’ll be cordially invited for our next wave of World Leaders, the Master Aware Coach.


Aware Master Coach

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What You Will Gain!

  • Understand ‘Life’ in its totality and lead it with Awareness, Happiness & Meaningfulness


  • Create Deeper Realizations and catalyze the most needed transformations in one’s life


  • Be the Encyclopedia of Human Emotions and Behaviours


  • Catalyse the Human Evolution to the next level all together


  • Develop a thorough understanding of Human Dynamics


  • Learn the art of amplifying the results, by simplifying the understanding


  • Bring Self-actualization to the World Leaders, and create a Global Impact


  • Grow Perpetually & Exponentially, Personally, Professionally, Socially and Spiritually


  • Substantially contribute to make this World a better place to live


  • Be the Source of Love and Light for our World

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