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Want to maximize your true potential and discover the true ‘you’? Then Insight Coaching is just for you! The most insightful 2 hours of intensive personal coaching, focused on removing your blocks, solving challenges and uncovering your true potential. Get insights and get more out of Life... NOW! 

We all have heard of those few blue eyed beings delivering extraordinary results in their lives, with utmost ease. World around them is all about their praises. Ever wondered what works for them?

Action! Action! Action!

Most of us are too busy thinking and daydreaming of “what it would be like to be there!” but hardly few of us would actually ‘do something’ about it. Of course no one specifically could be blamed for the dire lack of support system and access to right resources, which ideally should be available for – if not all, but – atleast the select few sincere ones who are deeply committed to make it big and real.

Looking at this alarming loss of humongous human potential, Aware Learning Solutions has extended its able support to all the willing and committed individuals, in the form of ‘Free Insight Coaching’. One hour and fifty minutes of insightful personal session with one of our Lead Coaches, has earned a repute of being an “ultimate awakening call” for those seek happiness, growth and meaning in all aspects of life. It’s ‘Free’ of any financial investment from your side, as it’s been pre-sponsored by PEG – Personal Empowerment Group; a Mumbai based Not-for-Profit group dedicated to support many a human enablement initiatives on various fronts.

The initiative has been welcomed with open arms by individuals and organizations, as it gives them the most needed liberty of experiencing and then choosing. Looking at the overwhelming response to ‘Free Insight Coaching’, the initiative is now based on first come first serve basis, so as to ensure the benefits reach to the most deserving and committed individuals, who are most ready to act and take charge of life.

If you relate to this burning desire within, to transform yourself and evolve into your a greater version of self, we invite you to take the best advantage of this opportunity to unlock the treasures within. If you are passionate to grow and grow perpetually, beyond the known limits, then Insight Coaching is exactly and exclusively meant for someone like you.

Let’s connect and explore the plethora of possibilities! An Aware Life awaits you...


Insight Coaching is an Online Live Video Session making it convenient for you to take it at a comfortable place of your choice!

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