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Thank you for Visiting ASK Aware Living. We are Thankful to all the LEARNERS who took the opportunity to LEARN and spread our learning. Here are some of the beautiful reviews shared as a thank you note. We want to create more such transformations and support many others to lead a Meaningful, fulfilling and abundant life. ASK Aware living COUNSELLING, WORKSHOPS, SELF AWARENESS, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, STRESS, MENTAL HEALTH, GROWTH, RETREATS, IMMERSION RETREATS, SEMINARS, PROGRAMS, LEARNING, SELF DISCOVERY, SELF REALISATION

Leonardo Tomas Cardilo, Mexico

Iwent into coaching sessions with Meera. I do not have enough words to express how thankful I am with the coaching. The coaching helps you to take a deep look into yourself, which at the same time leads to a happier life and better relations with people. Enrolling on this coaching has been one of the best decisions I ever took. Thanks a lot.

Monika, Pune

Ithink I m very very fine in this crisis because I have learned from u but if were a person from before I would have maybe cried a lot.. For the situation we r in.. I m really learning more and more abt to day I m learn a new thing abt me.. How I m feeling....the feeling really is very nice..... I even go in down times as well but they last for very few moments.. There is choas and confusions as well but I am able to clear... Thing may be a bit late sometimes but I m able to come out... Thank u so so much Meera.

Aditi Banerjee, Delhi

The whole program Master of Life is designed in such a manner that it touches the deep emotions and root cause of your problems. we may have Knowledge but choose to ignore it without knowing the side effects.. my coach/ leader was Meera, her impeccable source of understanding helped me a lot. it was just a random thought of joining the program from a person who was trying to turn every coin to get out of the situation bit was stuck. she helped me a lot.. this program helps a lot. I already rated it 5*.

Lennon, Goa

M y journey to find Inner Peace and Happiness began around 7 years ago and had me trying everything from Yoga, Mediation, Courses, Psychologists, and took me places from Kerala Backwaters to the Mountains in Himachal and to the beaches of Goa. Not that I am against Yoga or Meditation or any form of help that is out there, you never know what might work for you. All the things that I tried over the years helped me grow as a person in some way or another. I would find peace for some days but again get back into the viscous cycle of negativity around me. I couldn't find the reason I was getting affected by things that never really mattered. As life moved on and having no clarity of thought, the negativity kept piling on, it reached a stage where it broke me down. It took a toll on everything around me and I went into a shell. But my desire to learn and improve myself was strong and it seemed like the Universe was helping me and I came across Aware Living. The 1-on-1 coaching was such a Revelation. They actually understand what you are going through and guide you as per that. At Aware Living, you are treated as per your situation and there's no judgement. After the course all your problems won't just miraculously disappear but it definitely provides the clarity of thought you need to face each day as it comes. If you feel you need help, there are professionals out there, all you have to do is just seek them out and get help. Don't let anything beat you down.

Savya, Delhi

Ican’t thank you enough I was going through a very tough time in terms of managing my emotions. Frequent emotional breakdowns, crying at drop of a hat and lost interest in almost everything. There was a constant sadness which as time passed started affecting my work with poor focus and concentration. And it became a loop or a trap, which at that time, I felt would it be ever possible for me to come out of it. When I first spoke to Meera, saw a hope that things can be changed and I decided to go for counselling. The best part of her coaching is everything is dealt with logic. She answered each and every question very logically and patiently. Not once I felt being judged. Her sessions made it possible to understand emotions, learn self-love, self-understanding and yes it has transformed the way I perceive things now. Never knew what it feels to stay in a happy state of mind and it all came from self-understanding. The counselling with Meera worked in such a way that even my rigid thinking looks for logic now and results in to think pragmatically.

Jyoti v, Delhi

Iwas looking through some online course that could have helped me meet my relationship challenge. Being a very emotional person, I was easily disturbed. So I saw this 'aware living' course that was being offered and they provided me with a free 45 mins session. I knew I wanted to enroll for this, as my coach Meera not only understood my problem but also gave me an outline of what this aware living course was about and it sounded perfect. So with every session I gained clarity of my emotions and various aspects of emotions. It's not something superficial, infact it's been a journey for me ... unfolding layer by layer the right meaning of various emotions. I use to overthink, analyze too much, always into this imaginary world... wondering what could go wrong. I was insecure, low on confidence and with no self love. I learnt the right way to think, embrace my self as I am, let go of my false self and that everyone is not my business... what i can control is my own thoughts and feelings. It's been a journey through months that now I stand emotionally wiser and happier. I let go and unburdened myself of the past and guilt that i had. But all this is only possible because I had a wonderful coach who was open to my doubts and views. Thank you Meera for being a friend that I could open up to and tell my darkest fears to. You have such clarity of these concepts that truly make a life so much better. You were patient and understanding and helped me every step in my journey to be at a better place. Be it my calls, my messages or my sessions... you have always given me the right guidance. A huge thank you to AWARE LIVING, it indeed makes u aware of the life u are living and the potential life u can live.

Sobhana Sampriti, Bangalore

Hi Meera, I hope u r fine. Just wanted to thank u once again. I think it's going to be almost 1 yr now when I talked to u and u told me everything is going to be fine..n today I feel I m in right path.. attended various sessions and read about many great persons.. Ultimately I found ur way of teaching very helpful though everyone is saying same things about life..I m nt against any god or any spirituality, but all r asking to follow someone and their methodologies..but somehow u made me believe myself, made me express myself, they all r asking to chant prayers or meditate, it's not bad thing, it gives u peace, calmness but as u said u have to do continuously till d end...same thing can b achieved by sports, any creativity like m doing paintings, cooking, photography just do it whole heartedly..self talk has really helped me as it can b done anywhere anytime anyday though it took really lot of effort initially to think right way..but everything takes effort..I learned patience, understanding things, getting clarity in a proper is a journey and enjoy this journey instead of waiting to for the results..I feel today whatever I m doing , to live in the present, to help others in whatever way possible way is purpose at the current point of time. whatever is the situation,good or bad, if u learn, things can be changed.. Learning is the key.. So once again thank u so much.

Rushi Pise, Mumbai

2018 year for me was to start something of my own, being an Entrepreneur. After a year of working for an MNC I realized that I was not enjoying my work...but like many, I was scared to take a decision to quit and start something of my own. So I came across an email about Aware being aware course...what attracted me to take my phone and call them was a few of other benefits, clarity in career relationships and building self-belief I believe myself to an extent that no failures have stopped me in my business. I will recommend Aware being aware course because it is needed by many in current time. why? To Lead a Happy Life where you are your first Love. Aware living and learning helped me to understand the true meaning of success, happiness, love, giving. It has helped me to take charge of my life. Special thanks to Mr. Krishiv AnantaGuru for helping me in emotional and entrepreneurship clarity.

Avinash Sathe, Mumbai

I have been going through Depression & Separation Anxiety right from the time my father expired. It was a good 5 years of dark phase for me & my family. For last 2 years I had been on anti-depressants, and dosages often had to be increased. It affected every aspect of my life, from my health, my relationships, to my work life, everything seemed hopeless. Suicidal thoughts were a everyday thing, though thankfully I never tried executing any of them. It was when randomly going through Facebook, I came across a thought provoking post from Aware Living. It struck me hard, and also broke some misunderstanding I was holding about depression. I wanted to talk to these guys and learn more. I messaged & the response was pretty quick to which I believe was the sign of universe to go on. From the very first 20 mins of initial session, I was spellbound by what this thing can do. I was literally out of my grief of losing my father in merely 1st 15 mins of interaction, which I have been struggling for as long as 5 years then. But the Coach also made me realize of how it can relapse, and then I got myself committed to a dedicated learning process of unwinding myself step by step. To my & my family's surprise, in a matter of just 4 weeks, I was not just out of my so called depressed state completely, but was also having a more powerful & purposeful way of looking at my life ahead. My medicines seemed just unimportant to a point where I dared to go beyond my dependencies on them, and could stay absolutely sane and happy without anything. My self love and the gratitude for the life learnings, jumped manifolds. I couldn't believe that Clarity about your own emotions & thinking can change things so damn quickly. Since then, I've been growing by leaps & bounds in almost all areas of my life. There are a few setbacks that come & go, but nothing seem to be big enough to pull me down again. I sincerely wish these learnings to reach out to everyone in the world, as they can literally transform every thing about you, at an unimaginable speed. Loads of love to team ASK Aware for being a constant support, even after the intervention if over long back, they are truly purposeful at what they're doing. I recommend it one & all who wants to really experience what life is when led with clarity.

Neelam Mane, Mumbai

I consider myself very fortunate to have known her. I enrolled myself for counselling sessions which went on for months and I learned a lot. She was always present be it day or night ready on her feet to guide. I am thankful for the wonderful experience and highly recommend her.

Surbhi, Mumbai

Ilove how you all are committed to helping others realize their real self. I find your learning so useful, I have overcome anxiety & fear of failure thank you. Love relationships can be really confusing if you are not sure what is love. I used to think what is love until I got bashed and broken I now feel everything happens for a reason and so was in my case I had to take the learning and so my love relationships were screwed up. I see a huge difference in how I think about myself and how I make choices.

Gotham T, Bangalore

For me LOVE was what I grew up seeing in the movies & slowly lost belief in it due to many toxic relationships. Did not understand why every time I get hurt and choose the wrong person? So I needed help and I got it luckily one of my friend referred Aware Living’s Course Aware BEING its like learning ABCD...of life, thank you so much for your genuine interest in helping me get over my past.

Md. Basheer, Hyderabad

Ifeel depression is when you have lost interest in being. I had lost interest in everything that I loved even my dearly pets. My parents took me to different therapies but aware living is where I noticed that I had started to question myself & my state in a way that I wanted to make my own choice to come out of it. Thank you so much Aware Teachers.

Kiran, Pune

Some of the learnings hits you on your face (in a good way). I thank you for such a powerful course it has given me clarity that I struggled to find in my relationships, eliminating the habits, being strong emotionally & most importantly I learnt what kind of questions to ask to move from a sad or unhappy zone to a happy one.

Basavraj Angadi, Chennai

Since I had a rough childhood I had issues trusting my own self & people. I got over them in four one-2-one coaching sessions. It helped me in understanding the patterns that I had created. I think even if you don’t have a challenge in your life understanding yourself will be a wise choice.

Ragu ram, Delhi

Like most I used to regret my decisions, choices, actions in my 20’s. It was like a baggage that I would carry to sleep and get up with it. I did some past life healing sessions still I felt there is something more that I needed to do. I read a lot about being self-aware and choose aware living’s course Aware Being, it is a well-balanced course for everyone focuses so much on making you self-aware and not dependent. they don’t like followership and are transparent about it.

Palanivel Rajan, Hyderabad

I had hard time dealing with my life which has so many traumas one after the other...being sad was the easy option. I read somewhere the more challenges you face the more you grow I didn’t believe until I got the learning during my coaching sessions. Don’t feel troubled anymore.

Lokesh Panthulu, Delhi

I was doing well in business until a traumatic situation took place. I struggled to focus on my business for 5 years in a row, was feeling down & lost, not willing to accept the reality. I thought I needed someone to guide me to be happy and joyful again. One of the awareness coach at Aware Living identified my depression and the journey started to help me accept my life.

Akram, Bangalore

Not many people seek professional help when they go through heart breaks, So was I. Not looking for help until one day I saw a movie and realized my mental health is critical. I ended up seeing a face book ad which I truly feel was a sign from the universe. Now after completing the course AWARE BEING, I truly feel one has to be aware of their thoughts & emotions.

Hemant, Pune

I heard the concept of emotional intelligence in my first year, I mocked the concept saying why will an intelligent being need a course because its a easy choice to chase success. Sooner I went through break-ups, losing friends, parents not understanding my career choice..i grew quite and disappointed with life...I went on long drive and this thing struck to me how I made fun of the concept. Is this why I am facing these challenges? I said okay let me not doubt the power of understanding emotions anymore and choose the best course to help myself. After Aware Being’s course I realized intelligence is how you think no matter how pathetic situation we are in.

Gokulavasa Prabhu, Hyderabad

Ifollowed a lot of positivity quotes from different people around the world, there was a need for someone to be strict with me tell me what to do. I approached aware living and they pointed out if there is someone to tell you what to do, wouldn’t you be dependent all your life? I was like yeah I am okay with it...but again a question hit me hard if there is a way to be empowered why do you want to depend? I made my choice and it will always remain a priceless one.

Harish Gopi, Pune

Ihad bad Anger, where I was never thinking of how others feel when I shout but say sorry later...I have lost many friends because of my weakness I wanted to make sure I don’t lose more. Thank you for the coaching sessions you helped me with. They were pretty focused and empowering.

Sabiha N, Hyderabad

What our education system lacks is how to help our kids see their emotions, I realized this soon enough as my child was bullied and he had a really bad impact, I am happy to have crossed paths with Aware Life Learning and now he has more strength and awareness of how to deal with his emotions. Thank you for creating such a beautiful and powerful program.

Seema A, Delhi

I wanted to come out of darkness caused due to the situation in my life. The trainer said she doesn’t want to empathize with me after telling her what I have been through, I felt a shock first and then during the call I understood why she said that. They don’t sympathize or empathize as they believe it will only make us weak. Today I feel I made a good choice to be her coaching client & now I feel strong and mature to deal with difficult situation.

Shivashankar M, Pune

It’s been 3 weeks in this course Aware Being, already feeling so much relief emotionally. I was able to clear my past hurt, it’s known to all of us how being in past is waste, Aware Living makes it a easy to implement learning by giving us tools to reprogram our mind.

Maddy Freddy, Hyderabad

I can confidently say that I am being guided by the right people to walk the path of spirituality. What they teach is a lot more than lectures.. you don't just grow in terms of knowledge but also spiritually.. I'd recommend it to all my friends.

Srinivas Vs, Mumbai

Believe me we all struggle to understand how to feel happy at some point of life and we react to different situation with a negative mindset. Its must that our education system adds a subject “Learning life”. I struggled in my relationships at work and in my personal life too. I realized I was operating out of falls image that I created and would often feel suffocated in it. Aware Being gave me the strength to be the real me.

Rohit S, Mumbai

I thank you guys for your wonderful realization based learning. It has made me more self-aware and be Incharge of my negative thoughts & emotions. Love you all keep doing what you guys are doing for humanity.

Rohit K, Mumbai

A quick review for aware living, I learnt **** To be happy within****to love myself****to believe myself and many more these learning created a direct influence in my life thank you.

Priyansha V, Delhi

Depression runs in my family, I grew up hearing depression in hereditary and since that conditioning I started to become a victims of my own belief. I couldn’t handle two three incidents, lost self-confidence & interest in doing my job. I consulted with one of the coach and they broke my belief that depression is hereditary with Sound examples. I took one-2-one sessions because I desperately wanted to change how I feel. The results are priceless.

Nithin Kumar, Hyderabad

I heard my senior say you should be the reason for Everyone's happiness, I was about 14 years old, the age where we get influenced by others so did I. I made sure I did everything that made my family & friends happy till the age of 22 and I started feeling suffocated not because I was giving others happiness, but because in that phase I lost my happiness and never did anything for myself. Then I become rebel which normally is in the teenage, I got in love relationship against everybody opinion thinking they don’t want me to date. The relationship broke after a few months I got broken completely and needed someone to not judge me and not taunt me of my choices. I choose to work with aware living to help myself get the confidence and happiness back in life. I learnt I can not make anyone happy if I am not happy.

Amreen F, Pune

My life was my 9-5 job, weekend parties, and loads of emptiness when I was alone. yes it impacted my work and life both, I came to know about this course on Quora while checking some answers related to mental health...and then scheduled a 45 minuets session to know more...I was convinced that I will be a better individual and turned out the same. I have understood the purpose of my life and there is a huge shift in how I see myself.

Harsh S, Delhi

Two major failures of my life made me anxious, insecure and doubt myself. It was a need to take charge of my self-belief and i am glad that i identified that it can be corrected thank you Aware living for such a brilliantly designed course Aware Being Aware. It has changed me from within truly!

Anam V, Badodra

The most difficult emotion to come out of is grief. I am thankful that it was made easy for me by simplified clarity and thought provoking questions. I am definitely going to recommend the course not because it helped me but has the potential to help many.

Syed Saqlain, Hyderabad

Ihave a reason to look forward to every day. I have experienced depression and anxiety for good three years of my life. I was asked to be on medication for lifetime, fortunately I started questioning the impact of medicines and the only thing I could see was sleep, and a false sense of I am okay. Aware being aware course took me deeper to understand my challenges and solve them. I would highly recommend Aware therapy and course to overcome depression, anxiety, or any discomfort in emotions.

Dhairya S, Mumbai

Like most I was going through quarter life crises. Questioning everything in relationship, career, society, no sense of achievement, Sense of lack, Emptiness every negative emotion was possessed in me, to feel better I thought of joining the course after going through the details about aware being aware its been a joyful journey after the course I wanted to make sure I see the results before reviewing and a recent incident in my life made me come here and write it to help other youths.

Venkat S, Mumbai

Half my life has been a struggle of relying on others for love. So dependent on others that I started seeking their attention always and if I didn’t get it that would be the beginning of me feeling worthless. Now I hold a good understanding of how to love self and work on the self.

Srinivas S, Hyderabad

What so many other courses couldn’t do for me was to help me understand how to guide the mind to come out of negative space plus continue to know what I am feeling why and how to overcome any negative thought and emotion. The course Aware Being Aware is simplified and practical to apply.

Debashree C, Mumbai

IStruggled to understand what kind of relationships lasts for a longer period of time without any sourness in them and good that I was told by a friend how its critical to self-aware and self-dependent emotionally. Aware being aware course was a recommendation from her and it has changed my thinking of choosing a partner..I love myself and the change is incredible.

Akash Sharma, Delhi

I am a part of generation who doesn’t like to be told what we need to do, and that's why I did not like a couple of therapies I took before aware being course. Its focused on we finding the solutions using the learning sessions that the coach provides. What I liked the most was the teachers non-judgmental view.

Anam Muntaha, Bangalore

Not just I am a survivor but an Aware survivor who has gained so much believe in the power of self and have decided to take charge of my life by giving back to the society. Thank you for making my life meaningful and purposeful.

Maria Flora, Nashville

It is difficult to believe a teen that he is experiencing anxiety and depression but not illogical as there is nothing in our education support or our culture to make a kid aware of their emotions feeling and be Incharge of of my student was experiencing anxiety & depression and I could see the changes in him were huge after a couple of sessions.

Divyanshu Sengar, Bangalore

Since there is no solution discovered for chronic pain illness like fibromyalgia which I am experiencing I had no option but to know how to be sane in the head. I have taken a couple of healing sessions and Mind healing counselling's the later is most important. Because it helped me to not feel hopelessness.

Kaushal P, Noida

Break-ups need not break you is the first thing I came across on Instagram page of aware living. it triggered me to know more about how will I be benefitted by them. I am happy and grateful that I went through a rough time otherwise I wouldn’t be wiser. I would recommend aware being aware course to be happy in life

Faisal Khan, Mumbai

The course has helped me to understand my life challenges in depth and has given me the strength to be not affected by negative emotions and to eliminate them.

Parvesh D, Mumbai

The course has helped me to overcome my emotional fatigue and stress. I can say the learning will help me for lifetime thank you so much.

Saransh C, Delhi

Leaving negative relationships need a lot of strength and emotional clarity i am glad to come across Aware living and being a part of their learning course its given me my old confident and happy self back.

Divya, Bangalore

I was getting treated (Medically) for Depression for 2 years...My anti-depressants dosages just went higher in these 2 years with no interest to continue to live. I was given an option of 7-day retreat with one-2-one awareness coaching and body healing. Okay let me admit it, You can not be cured in a week, but I got to know what my challenges are and what emotions I need to take charge of and I am grateful that Aware Living & Learning Exists with a purity of intentions.

Alisha, Bangalore

I realized the importance of emotions only at aware living sessions. No physical workout or meditation would help you until you take charge of your issues. At aware living you get realistic solutions and you get to go deeper into the root cause of problems and take charge of it. It helped me take charge of my emotions, which indirectly helped me with my health and also better my relationships with others. Overall it helped me to b a better version of me. This was surely one my best decision to take up this course. I am really thankful to my coach Meera. Thank you at Aware living

priyansha verma,Mysuru

My coach was very approachable and I felt very comfortable to open up. The solutions were nothing external but were focused on making me more aware. Good part about the course was I didn’t need to travel as it is done online.

Anam Vara, Chennai

The most difficult emotion to come out of is grief. I am thankful that it was made easy for me by simplified clarity and thought provoking questions. I am definitely going to recommend the course not because it helped me but has the potential to help many. Like

Syed Saqlain, Hyderabad

I have a reason to look forward to every day. I have experienced depression and anxiety for good three years of my life. I was asked to be on medication for lifetime, fortunately I started questioning the impact of medicines and the only thing I could see was sleep, and a false sense of I am okay. Aware being aware course took me deeper to understand my challenges and solve them. I would highly recommend Aware therapy and course to overcome depression, anxiety, or any discomfort in emotions

Venkat Subrahmanyam, Bangalore

Half my life has been a struggle of relying on others for love. So dependent on others that I started seeking their attention always and if I didn’t get it that would be the beginning of me feeling worthless. Now I hold a good understanding of how to love self and work on the self.

Debashish J, Mumbai

Self-love is so important. my biggest breakthrough was when in a counselling session I was made to realize how the core of all my challenges, was LOW Self-Love. I broke in tears and was immediately made to realize another strong learning that now that I know the core challenge it is even more easier to let go of past trauma, the losses and really love myself. I Learned to accept myself and feel the love that I was longing for, Self-love.

Priya Tandon, Chandigarh

Iwas looking for something holistic to take charge of my chronic fatigue. I booked an online session and within 15 minutes I was sure that I have come across the right counsellor. I was given a clear understanding of MIND & BODY connection and how emotions has impact on the body. I took online counselling sessions for healing from emotions and booked a retreat for body healing. My review was long pending due to work demands but when I started to think about writing a review first thought was I have got more than what I thought I will get.

Akansha Singh, Bangalore

Thankful to the learning that I received through a four week course. It solved most my challenges and gave me so much strength to get out from a 3 long years of depression. I did go to different counseling in the past too but I will feel the same emotions again..After a point I had stopped hoping for happiness. I was given enough space to clear all my doubts before I invested in myself. I started with two counselling sessions and then was a part of group learning. I loved the approach. It is simple and something that empowered me. I am not dependent on meds now.

Kirti S, Mumbai

Could'nt think that I will be out of my hopelessness. Majorly as I come form a family of doctors and I was given meds by my own relative. I took them for three months and all I saw was I started to sleep more.. Weigh more.. And feel more hopeless than ever.. The reason why i stopped the pills and searched for counselling. I was so much helped by first three counselling sessions that i started to see hope. I am

Swati Sharma, Delhi

For the young girls who might read this review – don’t believe that only if you have someone to love you, you are beautiful...Love yourself if you do that you will not end up in abusive relationships. I used to read a lot of stuff online to increase self-love, believe me almost 60% of it is bullshit as it only helped me feel better for a short period of time. Thank You ALL

Neelima S, Bangalore

I was always confused about the choices i had to make and would rely on others. I got a really bad advice last years and that affected my mental health..had almost given up on hopes to be happy again...sooner i realised i am too young to be sad and waste the precious years of life started doing research and i loved the concept of understanding SELF. I now feel confident about my choices after Aware Being course it helped my understand myself, my thoughts & many other aspects.

Soumya G, Hyderabad

I never understood why after having everything I felt unhappy. So I went on to find the reason for it for about 4 years...I understood I was not feeling happy because even though my job paid me well, I was good at, I liked it but it did not give me that sense where I feel happy now after my coaching sessions, I realize that the feeling is to feel meaningful.

Deepa C, Chennai

I lost my husband just after our 2nd anniversary...yes it was difficult to accept the loss and so i got in depression...the learning gave me some very powerful realization to continue with my life happily and with peace. Thank you Anu mam & Aware Living.

Pragya, Gupta Delhi

This is not the first step that i took towards my well-being i have tried different things. What i liked most about Aware is they want me to be the owner of what i learn and encourage me every time to question if i do not understand something.

Imran Khan, Bangalore

My confidence was trashed as i was compared to other brilliant kids and their ability to be perfect at everything...i didn’t want to be perfect but happy..i could not be so i got in various habits that were harmful...i realised i was empty and seeking love & appreciation, i don’t need it now because i love myself i thank the teachers at aware living they have the strength to move you from feeling pity to powerful.

Anukriti G, Noida

All my childhood I was made to feel I am not good enough. My self-belief got crushed and i just started to believe i am unlovable. Unfortunately this made me insecure in relationship, job and I started become a very irritating person for myself and everyone around me...i know this is the most vulnerable that I have been...because this is needed we should talk about our challenges and seek support. I am doing so much better after four decades and i thank you Anuradha Krishna for helping me to come out of not one but series of traumas. Love to you.

Neeraj S, Hyderabad

The reason i approached Aware Living was to master my emotions. I was not only able to do that but also took many Learning related to Relationships, forgiving myself for the past guilt and regretful actions. Also the learning is simply delivered without any bid confusing mystical words. thank you for making my life better. i surely recommend self-awareness based Master of life course.

Shweta A

Among all the retreats that I have attended, I loved your approach of how MIND healing is equally focused on. Initially I was looking to just relax but a Q & A Session with the amazing teacher Krishiv Anantaguru, made me to think deeper about why I suppress my emotions, why I don't acknowledge how I feel? That's where the question in my head made me become a truly develop self. Thank you i truly couldn't have thought about it without a teacher like you.

Samata Shah, Mumbai

Ihave been helped in so many start with my trauma of 10 years was solved, I don’t now create expectations, no self judgement, I have created my acceptance and my self-love has never been high consistently in 20 years of my life, I let go of the hurt caused by people and my own family members too. I have gained emotional mastery. I am truly happy to have these amazing learning. And at no point I felt I will be dependent on you for the rest of my life. Thank You Meera..

Siddharth J, Bangalore

ILove how my life has taken a 360* Shift in every aspect after taking powerful learning through Master of life 1-1 coaching. All the people around me felt I am exceptional at whatever I do. But only I knew how much anxiety I would deal with on a daily basis to be among the achievers. I would feel extremely energetic and excited after each goal was achieved. I also thought I have everything that will make me feel happy except anxiety. As days went by my goals became bigger and anxiety went over the roof. I would have fallouts with friends, my girl friend and my family members too. Now, I started to realize I will lose everything if i don't change. That's when I decided to connect with ASK Aware Living during the lockdown and it has helped me beyond I was expecting. There were so many patterns, beliefs that had to be shown to me. I appreciate that I was supported to let go of my ego and learn, truly grateful to have found this course and invested in it..

Kimika Gupta, Noida

I took 1-1 counselling from Anu Krishna, to eliminate my trauma's and overcome severe anxiety. I would wake up from sleep right after 2 hours and couldn't go back to sleep this continued for 10 days. I first went to see a family doctor where without asking anything i was give anti-depressants. Upon reaching home i googled the meds and I broke down thinking too many negative thoughts. I searched for couple of counsellors and I quite a few before I choose Anu Krishna as my counsellor. I felt understood, I was given hope by her and she said I don't need any meds. not more than 4 sessions I was feeling stronger post which I joined the course Master life it strengthened my SELF understanding and I can strongly feel therapy or counselling is a must if going through a tough time emotionally.

Pratik Mane, Mumbai

After going through ASK Aware Living's cour MASTER of life course I realized I am so thankful to have got this course at the right period. I started with a small business and suddenly the lockdown broke all my hopes of becoming successful. I left a job last year in November to start my own business which means I had to wait for things to get better. There was a period where every other course was given a rebate during lockdown that made me think yes I should focus on self-development. A friend referred me ASK aware living I spoke to the coach/ counsellor Ajinkya Shaurya and he was very helpful in making me realize what will benefit me. I am writing this review in November almost after three months of me going through the course and I still feel the same. Thank you for supporting me with the precious learning Ajinkya.

Vineet Sharma, Bangalore

I was undergoing a bad break up and was feeling completely lost. I was very depressed and blamed myself for whatever happened. Didn’t know what to do. It was affecting my life, work and there was no peace of mind. I came across a post on fb about Ask Aware Living and the counselling they offer for depression. Was skeptical first, but after a call with them, I gained confidence that the counsellors know what they are doing! My life completely changed after the first session itself. No medicines, techniques or mediation…my counsellor only made me realize how I was feeling within and it is me who created it and it is me who should destroy it. I was supported at each step and I’m very grateful to the team. Today I’m in a very happy space and very clear in mind.

Amit Tandon, Delhi

Our son had problems focusing in his studies. Natural teenage behavior and it was creating lot of troubles at home. Even if we tried to advised him, it used to turn into an argument. My colleague suggested me to see a counsellor. I took an appointment at Ask Aware and took my son to meet the counsellor. She understood my son’s situation exactly and was very friendly, loving and understanding. We could see immediate changes in my son and after 5-6 sessions he was absolutely happy and was very loving. He was able to focus on all his activities and gave his best in whatever he did and still doing. We are very happy that we took the decision to meet Meera of Aware Living. We are a happy family now!

Loveprert Kaur, Delhi

I lost my pet dog who was like my child. I had had him for 12 years and I couldn’t bear the loss. I was crying everyday and was slowly going into depression. A friend suggested me to talk to the counsellors from ASK Aware Living and Learning, as she had done a course from them. I called them and explained my problem. The counselor Mr. Ajinkya was very understanding and I could see that they were the ones who can help me out of my situation. He helped me come out of my grief and depression and become clear. He was easy to approach, always there whenever I needed support. But I needed that only for a few days. The realizations were so powerful that I could see clearly the lower emotions in me and he guided me to take charge of it. Thank you Ajinkya for helping me let go of my sadness and worries.

Sangeeta K, Chennai

All i could ever think was How worthless I was…always sad, blaming self for whatever happened. Due to this, people started moving away from me. Nobody wants to be next to a cry baby isn’t it. That was how I was…..until I read a post on fb about Self love written by ASK Aware. The simple words made me think about what I was doing to myself. I wanted to get out of the rabbit hole immediately. I immediately called them and fixed my coaching sessions for Master of Life workshop. That was one of the best decisions I had ever taken in my life, because it has changed me forever! The concepts are so simple to understand, at the same time powerful to change the thought process. At the end of 4 weeks I was a transformed person and they kept their words😊 Thank you Aware Living for showing me the path to live a meaningful life. Even today when I face any problem, I just apply whatever I had learnt and I can see that im able to handle the situation much better.

Priya Tiwari, Noida

When we first met for the consultation session, Ms. Meera, my counsellor, told me ‘All you need to do is change the way you think’……golden words which I followed to the ‘T’ and here I am happy to wake up everyday and lead my life(as you had made me realize). Thanks Meera for helping me out at every stage, clearing my doubts even if it was silly, making me walk the path of self awareness. Always grateful to Aware Living!

Mansi J, Bangalore

Istarted to lose interested in the regular things. Was making errors at work and parents started saying I have become lazy. I don't blame them they had no understanding of my personal life. I did feel unloved, understood, and this feeling seemed infinite which made me fear and not want to get up every morning. I had to end feeling so low on every level. I did some workout, started to eat healthy, go for walks to avoid the feeling and I broke down again within 20 days of control. So, I looked for professional support and spoke to Ajinkya Shaurya of Aware living. He Simplified the process of taking charge and in most easy ways made me understand that I am special, needed and loved. I wholeheartedly want to thank you Ajinkya for supporting me in the worst phase of my life. I will be the learner as promised to you.

Rakshit T, Pune

I needed something online for self-development. I read a lot of articles on HBR and had been fascinated about self-awareness for quite sometime. I saw an ad circulating on LinkedIn and this was from Ask Aware living about Self-aware passion to learn led me to call, get information and i loved being a part of Master of Life batch 17. To be honest i didn't expect we will be go to the depth of so many key emotions. The understanding has helped me to be a empathetic Leader and surprising it also helped me to better my teams performance. Thank you for the great learning intervention.

Minakshi S, Chennai

Ineeded to see a counsellor for taking some critical decisions in my life. first was a marriage decision and second career related query. In consultation session I also realized my happiness levels have been so fluctuating and that was responsible for so much confusion. I was clearly given understanding by Anu Krishna, of how the current mindset had to be changed to happiness and get let clarity on relationship post which my challenges will be solved. I took just 5 1-1 counselling sessions and the life that i saw myself in turn around totally. Grateful to have this kind of clarity about myself. thank you Anu. Lots of love to you.

Shan S, Pune

I was addicted to Ciggrates from my teenage, I was suffering from chronic bronchitis, needed at least 3 doses of nebulization daily to be able to breathe freely, even in the presence all these medical conditions, I was not willing to quit cigarettes after my first session with Aware Living, I realized the core reason behind my addiction of smoking... it was 8th of October 2020 - the first session with aware living and also my last day of Being an "Addict"... Thank you team aware living...❤️

Ansh Shaurya, Pune

I am deeply grateful to the teachings of aware living, i had the opportunity to receive one of the most powerful healing session by Krishiv Anantaguru, it's hard to describe in words what it felt like - As if hundreds of kilos of weight from my body was lifted away... my body was as light as a baby and mind was sharper than ever was never visible to me how my emotions and traumas have affected my Life till the moment I let them go.... Immense gratitude for the learnings and transformations that the learnings brought within me... love and light

Vijay A, Mumbai

I was in a toxic relationship since 2 years, i wanted to call it even for over a year, but my emotional dependency on that person never allowed me to take any decision... it had started to hurt me … in early session with Anuradha I realized what relationships really mean, what love is, what attachment is, that clarity was enough for me to take the decision...which helped both of and my ex partner to live a happier and clearer life ahead....

Ankur B, Noida

I was dealing with duality of what path should i choose in life, i always felt an empty void in whatever I did, in last 6 years i had tried more than 9 professions to find that one thing that I am passionate about, all of which had the empty feeling that I was craving to fulfill. The teachers at aware living gave me clarity on Life purpose, and before that I had a thought that Life Purpose is something which takes lifetimes for you to understand they simplified it in a way that every human being can understand it... it gave me clarity on most crucial part of my life... which path should I take my life towards!!!.. it was the most beautiful feeling discovering what you are truly meant to do and live it everyday...💕💕

Abhishek Verma, Mumbai

I was in a very important stage in my life…..i was being shortlisted for a promotion in my office. It was very important for me. The challenge was, though I was strong in my area of expertise, I was a very shy and introvert person. I was always afraid to openly speak what I thought. I felt that due to my personality I might not get this opportunity to grow in my career. I attended many ‘Personality Development’ programs and also a few ‘Motivational seminars’. But nothing worked….the impact stayed hardly for a few days and I was back to square 1 after that. I was looking for a permanent solution for my problem and that’s when I came to know about the program Master of Life workshop. I must say it was a life transforming experience for me. What a thought provoking simple realizations!! Hard hitting learnings! Amazing experience I had doing this workshop. Made me realize I have to work on my thoughts and emotions and not just the exterior…my personality. 4 weeks of absolute bliss that I had never experienced! I Would love to meet the Guru, Krishiv Ananta sir someday…hopefully😊 Thank you once again!

Vishesh L,Chennai

I had been retaining sad memories, hurt and unhappiness from my past and it was very overwhelming. I wanted to badly break free of it, but didn’t know how to. I hinged on to smoking, a way to vent my feelings. I knew I was doing the wrong things..but I was really in an emotional mess. I had a 1-1 session with Anuradha Krishna. It was an out of the world experience listening to her…where she helped me understand and realize what was happening in my mind and how I can take charge! Just 1 session and I knew what I had to do! That’s the kind of powerful learnings I received from her. Gratitude to AwareLiving forever!

Vinit Chhabra, Noida

I am writing this review 50 days after the completion of my last workshop session. The program is awesome, I have become more knowledgeable about myself which is a gift to me. I am able to experience real peace. I would like to share; experiencing peace for me was a challenge and also my goal. As per my conditioning, I was away from peace because of wrong thinking about self and criticism, the learning given in the program guided me to the clarity of self-identity which led to no lower emotions. I am thankful to the founder of this course and my teacher for the wonderful learning support. Love

Sandeep Vats, Mumbai

I was very happy in life as I had earned everything and was comfortable. Suddenly I went into thoughts relating to a mid-life crisis, I wanted a change in all parts of my life. When I spoke to a counsellor I realized the solution was to get more understanding and learning about myself. After 1st session I was relieved as all my mid-life crisis worries were gone and I was clear about who I am, it helped me in better organizing and take time to learn more about myself. I came to know about new concepts. Understanding relationships and people have also become efficient due to the learnings given in the program. I have recommended this to my close friends and family as I feel this is very important to live happily. Lots of love to all team.

Simran Kaur, Chandigarh

I was going through a rough divorce post 10 years of our love marriage. Our kids & families were being torn apart in the tiff. I was going insane and was been warned by doctors for my increasing alcohol addiction due to all this. It was around that time when one of my cousins suggested me to reach out to these guys. I can't be thankful enough to what followed later. In a span of 2 weeks or so, I was successfully out of my addictions and depressed state of mind. Over the period as I understood more about what is marriage, how relationships work, how emotions work, I could handle the separation with more sanity and emotional stability. This had a very positive impact on our kids and families, the rough divorce was no more rough, it was almost very cordial and consensual separation after a point. In all this 6 months of period, I could experience what living with awareness feels like. I am super thankful to ASK Aware for being there as an able support to help me find myself, in this otherwise painful process.

Yograj M, Goa

I would have been still wandering jungles, in search of what I then called 'Self Discovery'.. Thanks to an eye opener session with Anuradha, all my notions about spirituality and self discovery were blasted into pieces.. Honestly, I didn't like her initially as she broke all my belief systems from the word go.. Later as I realized where she is leading me, I could see this is where I always wanted to go.. But never imagines it was right here, inside of me, and not in so called 'sacred spaces' I was hunting for.. Eternally grateful to ASK Aware for what they are doing.. Utmost needed for one & all..

Manjit SD, Chennai

Being a 3rd generation serving Indian Army, I never thought I'd ever find myself on a crossroad of rethinking on what exactly I wanted to do in my life, and why.. I was about finish my 5 years of Short Service Commission in Army and was pretty biased to continuing for permanent commission, but somewhere I felt something missing.. I was no more the same Cadet in the academy who was super passionate to don the uniform and go on the adventures of serving the forces.. Nevertheless I am always grateful to what I had learnt from the forces, I didn't have any courage to face the fact that I am rethinking.. It was almost a Taboo for me to even think on those lines.. A friend of mine outside the forces, recommended a 1 on 1 Clarity Session at Aware Living.. I gave it a shot.. And it came like a big blow to all my past conditioning, all my confusions were literally destroyed.. It hardly took 3 more 90 mins sessions for me to come to a clear singular decision which made absolute sense to me at that time.. Had no fear, no insecurity, no guilt, no negativity at all.. Just hell lot of gratitude for all my past and extreme optimism and enthusiasm to look forward to a more meaningful life to discover my true self.. I can confidently say today, it was one of my best decisions of my life to have considered relooking at my thoughts and transform them with clarity.. Cant be ever enough thankful to Krishiv Ananta and his team.

Naresh Chandra, Los Angeles

From running a few startups successfully, to failing my dream projects several times, I had been to almost all the possible ups & downs of startup journey, when I finally found a gap in my own clarity of my vision & purpose. When dug deeper, I realized it was more about my own clarity missing about my own self, like I wasn't really sure of what exactly I wanted and why. When I first met AJ on an online consulting session, I was all full of what I thought were my challenges. In a matter of few minutes of conversation, I was able to see how I have been ignoring the most significant part of my life and my business, which was me. I went through a rigorous process of doing away with all that I knew, in order to understand what exactly I wanted and why. I am absolutely convinced today, that there is no business without the entrepreneur in it. And how the clarity of my own, affects not only my business but also my personal life to a large extent. I am glad I met these guys, and would highly recommend, appeal, insist to please get some time & energy out for your own self, its more than worth it. I wish all the very best to ASK Aware, and would love to stay engaged as an active promoter of Clarity throughout my life. Can't thank them enough. Must try for every visionary entrepreneur.

Abhilash Kumar, Montreal

We've been programmed to live a life that's not ours... More of an ancestral continuation in the form of our conditioning, patterns, belief system & habits.. So to say, this was the biggest breakthrough for me to get rid of all my limitations that held me back for as long as a decade, to finally find myself in me.. Undiluted, uncompromised, unphilosophised.. These are the words I can best explain what 'Mindful Awareness Teachings' are to me.. Eternally grateful to Krishiv AnantaGuru to have brought this to the world.. Truly the most distilled clarity of what life is in essence.. Overwhelmed with gratitude.

Kriti Juneja, London

Freedom of being who you are, is how I would like to describe the impact of these learnings on me. I was never ever as unapologetically me, as I am now. I've been to many renowned programs earlier, in search of finding myself but nothing matched this. This is it! The one point destination of everything you seek. I don't care who you are, what you do and where you come from. This clarity is non-negotiable, hands down!

Samiksha Sinha, Noida

ALot was going down the hill for me. My choice of career was proving to be wrong as worked 9-12 hours a day, achieve whatever excites me and yet in the night I would feel "what the hell I am doing?" I failed to sustain three relationships back to back..and the same Indian wedding drama a girl goes through. You are turning 29 nobody will marry you later. I needed to just elope in a village do small satisfactory work and live without these irritations of life. I would pour my heart to my friends and they will tell me there is too much work pressure so that is making me feel stressful they will motivate me to not leave the job. I somehow pushed myself for two years. Eventually if a car is not serviced it breaks down and so did I. I resigned without telling anyone. Packed my bag and went to Himachal, I spoke with Shelly about a 7 day retreat, first two days were of just not thinking about anything and then on third day after one healing I wept almost a full bucket. All those past issues which I didn't wan to look at surfaced and made me question my existence. Thankfully the retreat was not just a relaxation retreat. I got a thirty minute 1-1 with Mr. Krishiv Anantaguru, the answers that I got for a few most irritating situations were so simple even though I felt the challenges are complicated. For the very first time in my 31 years of life I was understood and his questions made me think he is someone who is very wise and I have been blessed to have got his time. I asked Meera if I could get more such 1-1 with him. I was given the rare option to invest in his sessions. And am thankful. His sessions helped me solve some really dark places, made me clearly decide the career path and also I saw myself with so much more love.

Nikita Pashankar, Pune

After my break up. I realised that i had become absolutely dependent emotionally. I would cry with no clear understanding as I took the decision to separate as the relationship wasn't supportive enough for my growth and happiness. i would not sleep till early morning and lack of sleep meant no focus on work. I slowly started to withdraw myself from friends too as they seemed happy and I was feeling jealous of them..that made me feel even more guilty so I decided to avoid them. After spending three months in hell like a situation I took the courage to search for counselling. I was the most vulnerable I guess as I said to Meera you are my last hope as I have had many suicidal thoughts. She was empathetic and yet made me look at the logic..i clearly remember her statement, I totally get what you are feeling just want to ask you if you could feel better will you still want to give up on your life? that question was enough for me to understand that i will take a consultation session with her. She made me look at so many lower emotions which were not solved for a decade and it all impacted my self-love. I enrolled for 1-1 counselling sessions and it all made sense. I couldn't believe after four sessions i was happy..and yes it felt like a miracle. Thank you Meera for the clarity & love you showed to me.

Nilesh G, Mumbai

Iwas that child in the house who was extremely pampered. I could do anything and not feel a bit worried about consequences. My parent supported me every time and didn't complained or made me feel I was doing wrong. Due to some wrong choices I became and addict. I could just think about drugs. My parents got worried this time and they tried their best to take me out of it. I was monitored by my mum but still I relapsed. Rehab was not helpful either. I was taken to counselling session. I met my now teacher Krishiv Anantaguru and he shook my arrogance, ego and made me see who I real was and also asked me what do you really want to see yourself as an addict who is going to be supported by parent till they are there and then what? where am i headed. He also said i know you want to leave addiction but it will not happen until you let go of the negative emotions, emptiness, and low value for self all those words of his made me realize he is the one who can guide me and come out of this. I asked him what do I need to do to overcome. He said are you sure you want to ? As it may feel very difficult. i told him i was ready. I have taken 10 counselling session and i m in love with what my life has become now. My parents are so thankful of Mr. Krishiv Anantaguru and are also taking some sessions from him. overall i am grateful.

Amrita R, Noida

A s I finished my engineering i got confused about my future, as there were plenty of options. I didn't want to choose just for the sake choosing, when I came across Counseling for growth I thought it to be a new concept. My counselor was super understanding of my situation and supported me to find out for myself the next step. He gave me clarity about all the emotions involved which helped me to think and decide. I was amazed by this new knowledge as all my worries to make it big have gone away. I felt so much successful after the sessions and have started to measure my growth. Thank you for the simple and powerful learnings.

Meera Ag, Pune

IAm so happy to write this thank you note for our teacher Mr. Krishiv Anantaguru. I first met him for a final round of a job interview where he was a CEO. He asked me some questions to which my eyes were wide open for the next thirty minutes or so. I didn't meet someone so wise and intelligent before this. I got the job and the first day was just about wanting to learn from him. Every time he addressed the team, everyone will be in aww of his wisdom. TBH he made each of us uncomfortable with his straight, hard hitting realizations. Now, if I think about it why I was uncomfortable? I Understand," it was my EGO" getting between my learning. One day he gave us all 30 mins 1-1 to discuss personal challenges to get out of them. I went in to tell him all I want is to speed up growth and have no other which he listed all my real problems. And since I mentioned uncomfortable I started to avoid discussing these tough challenges. His wisdom makes him understand that no support and learning can be given to those who are unwilling. So he didn't ask me about solving the challenges. I went into a depression & that time my mind said you know who to reach out. I asked sir for his time and first thing I was asked, "Are you sincerely seeking support"? I said yes, he took some commitments before he took me in as his student. For 6 months. I was clearing all my traumas right from when I was 5 year old. By the end of my learning sessions with sir I knew the reason I came across him was to get on this path of spreading the learning he gave me. I also want to admit I would have been so lost if I didn't get his support at the crucial time of my life. I got to learn how to understand human dynamics from him and I feel the growth I got in the last decade was completely unimaginable in my wildest of dreams. I truly feel blessed to have such a wonderful teacher. Thank you sir for choosing me as your student and letting me experience the real sense of satisfaction & meaningfulness.

Asha Kulkarni, Pune

Being a homemaker for 15 years, managing 2 kids and taking care of every household responsibilities…I had actually forgotten that I too had a life to live. I was always frustrated about my skills and education being wasted. Husband was supportive but I didn’t know what to do. I had slowly lost my self-confidence. One day my husband showed me this ad on fb about Master of Life workshop and asked me to enquire about it. I really liked the content of the workshop and did not think twice to enroll. The entire program was all about ‘How I can take charge of myself, changing the way I think and making myself stronger’. I started loving myself for what iam. I don’t feel bad being a homemaker anymore…at the same time I was able to identify my passion and pursue it. I am an entrepreneur now and im really happy with the path that I have created for myself. Thank you Aware Living for making me believe in myself!

Disha P, Noida

I had an amazing experience with Aware Living. I was suffering from severe back problems and there were some troubles in my family with some members and no matter what I tried the problem was same. I went for counseling and also enrolled for Food wise program. Food wise was an eye opener as many of my habits were acting as a Hurdle to my good health. I immediately discontinued them and promised myself to take care of my health physically and mentally. Counseling had a big impact on my levels of stress and tension as it went away and my happiness has increased big time. There was lot of cleansing of my past and I no longer feel anger towards people who are stupid and senseless. I have taken control of my now. My work has also been improved as I can utilize my time as per my wish earlier there were lot of negative emotions that stopped my work. I am thankful to this life changing experience. Thank you to my counselor for having such mature perception and thanks to the Awareness Teachings.

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